Cozy lounge seating area with brown leather chairs and table in front of bar with black leather chairs and golden lamps
Cozy lounge seating area behind bar with leather chairs, green sofa and large picture of beautiful woman with dove
Chesapeake Room with wine bottles and books in cabinet and seating area with red leather chairs
Chesapeake Room with warm blue walls and cozy seating area in front of lit fireplace
Great Oak Manor Dining room with navy chairs and orange flowers on wooden tables
Great Oak Manor foyer with beautiful old stairs and seating area
Sofa seating area in front of teal book shelves and lit fireplace
Two filled champagne flutes on wooden bar next to champagne bottle and a bowl of nuts
Old Fashioned cocktail decorated with a slice of orange on wooden table with a bowl of roasted green peas and napkin in foreground and bottle of Whiskey in background
Charcuterie board and two filled wine glasses on table in front of window with view
Top view of charcuterie board, two filled wine glasses, flowers and a couple of knives on a plate